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Prog Magazine - Kylver

Prog Magazine Interview - Issue 73

Pick up a copy of the latest issue of Prog Magazine (Issue 73), which was very nearly the last after the demise of Team Rock..........Read More


Kylver The Island

New Album 'The Island' Out Now

Our new album is out now both physically on CD from kylver.bandcamp.com and digitally from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play as well as Bandcamp..

Recorded and mixed this summer by Sam Grant at Blank Studios in Newcastle 'The Island' is our second album. Like it's predecessor 'The Mountain Ghost' this album has a story attached that follows a fatted........Read More


Progressive Music Planet

The Island Review from Progressive Music Planet

Rob Pociluk from Progressive Music Planet has shown us great support from the very start but those who know him know that he is also brutally honest when it comes to his album reviews. Which is why were both relieved and extremely happy to read this great review of 'The Island'.

"There are albums that hit you like a ton of bricks when you first hear them. "The Mountain Ghost" by UK's Kylver........Read More


Metal Injection

Metal Injection - 'The Island' Album Stream

Ahead of it's release this coming Thursday our new album 'The Island' is streaming excessively over at Metal Injection.

"Kylver brilliantly siphons influences from other instrumental greats like Russian Circles and fuse heavy riffs with with progressive rock motifs to create something that is wholly unique and adventurous to listen to. They possess a strong storytelling ability and an even stronger penchant for music."… Read More


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